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Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON)

Duke Global Digital Health Science Center

iControl CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) is a study designed by researchers at Duke University. The goal is to explore how we can best use digital health to encourage people to start or maintain healthy behaviors for managing chronic kidney disease.

About The Study


The goal of the iControl CKD study is to investigate the use of digital health in preserving kidney function. That means, we want to partner with you in improving how we use digital health to help community members manage chronic kidney disease.

We are conducting small discussion groups (also known as focus groups) to further explore this topic. Focus groups can last up to two hours. You may be eligible to participate if you:


  • Have been diagnosed with mild or moderate chronic kidney disease

  • Are comfortable speaking, reading and writing English

  • Are willing to come to Duke for a 2-hour focus group



How do I join?

Your participation in this research is completely voluntary. You will be asked to complete a few questionnaires to determine if you are eligible for this study and to tell us more about you. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


If you are interested in joining and want to see if you are eligible, follow the link below to sign up!

We are located at:

Duke Digital Health Science Center

417 Chapel Drive

Durham NC, 27708

Send US your Questions


 Read more about us and our research at www.dukedigitalhealth.org